SF TNC Parking Data


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Daily Parking Duration

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TNC Parking Tool

This visualization displays observed TNC (Transportation Network Company) parking data for on-street and off-street locations across San Francisco in Fall 2016.
  • The area of each circle represents the total parking duration for a specific location.
  • The color indicates whether the location is on-street (blue) or off-street (orange).
  • The Summary Statistics and bar charts in the side panel summarize the data using the selected filters and features.

How to use this visualization

  • Filter by location type (on-street or off-street) with the Location filter.
  • Select a time period of interest using the Day of Week and Hour of Day filters.
  • Explore how parking duration varies across days of the week and/or hours of the day with the Play buttons.
  • Hover over specific location circles to see an overview of that location’s parking data for the selected time period. Click on a location for further details.